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Frozen Sections
Our Group has the capability to provide on-site frozen section services. Where appropriate, specimens may be examined by frozen section in our Irvine laboratory. Results will be delivered within minutes of specimen receipt. Please call our office to obtain more information or to make an appointment.    
  Frozen Section appointments
call:(949) 387-8111
Routine Pathology
Irvine Pathology Medical Group is focused on diagnostic pathology with an emphasis on critical biopsy samples obtained via biopsy techniques from body sites such as (but not limited to) breast, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract and skin.  Fine needle and non-gynecologic cytology samples are evaluated.  We do a significant volume of oral pathology.  Each of these specimens is treated as expeditiously as possible and with extreme care, to ensure accurate and timely results are provided to the physicians and their patients.  The Group prides itself in its availability to its physician clients, and this rapport and communication guarantees that each patient will benefit from the highest quality of medical care.     
Services: Routine Path
Frozen Sections
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